On-Time Delivery

On-time Delivery of machining and assembly

If your parts don't show up on time, it doesn't really matter if the quality is great. On-time deliveries are critical to succeed and we have the tools to make sure we come through. We have many customers who track our on-time delivery performance and report them to us with periodic supplier report cards. We have maintained a perfect 100% On-Time Delivery Rating for many of our customers and have near perfect ratings with many others. We are committed to the success of our customers and see the every precision machining order is processed with the utmost care and efficiency. We also admit that we aren't infallible - we occasionally do have things happen that causes us to be late. In those cases our customers have told us that our open proactive communication to help solve the problem is better than most of their suppliers.

  • 100% On-Time Delivery Rating with many customers
  • Consistently offer 6-12 week lead times in production and 2-4 weeks in prototyping
  • Horizontal Cell System perfectly set up for small batch production on very short lead times for Just-In-Time and Kan Ban type deliveries.
  • Lean manufacturing to reduce lead times by 50%
  • Set-up time reductions in prototyping by 50% and production by 80% though Kaizen

Finite Scheduling SoftwareOur proprietary web based ERP system includes a finite capacity scheduling module. All data displayed on the schedule is updated in real-time based on the shop floor activities. This allows us to schedule new jobs with accuracy, and to see if existing jobs are in danger of being late. Early detection of potentially late deliveries can help us put together an action plan to ensure we can recover quickly and deliver on time. We have also created many more systems to ensure we stay on schedule. If you would like to see an online demo of how our proprietary system works please click here to schedule an online meeting with us.

On-time Quality Parts...

“Trulife has been a pleasure to work with. They are responsive and eager to take on new challenges, meeting sometimes unrealistic lead times and requirements; supplying on-time quality parts.”

- J.C., Senior Buyer, Esterline Control Systems

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Support and Flexibility...

"While it is extraordinary to have to work under extremely tight deadlines all the time, it is rare to find a supplier who has both the customer support and flexibility to do so. These efforts make for strong partnerships that will enable continued success..."

- Microvision Purchasing Department, Microvision
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