Not all companies are cut out for building aerospace machined parts and assemblies.  At Trulife Engineered Solutions we have been machining these types of parts for years.  In 2008 we became AS9100 Rev C registered to underscore our commitment to the aerospace sector.  Our 100% paperless quality management system allows us to focus on the quality and delivery of our aerospace parts and assemblies rather than spending time chasing paper around.  Meet us online with the link here to see how we do this.

Aerospace Machined Parts and Assemblies

Over 70% of Trulife's business is for the aerospace industry. With over 30 CNC machines Trulife can take on the largest production structural aerospace programs. We have parts flying on many airframes including the 787. Trulife manufactures all of the passenger door fittings and hinges for the 787. Starting with ultrasonic inspected material that is verified through in-house eddy current and hardness testing we machine the parts complete on our 5 and 4 axis machining centers and then have them anodized and painted with NADCAP certified vendors. Assembly of hardware and final inspection follows before they are delivered complete to our customer.

We have a wide range of experience providing cockpit components, aerospace electronics and cabin interior components to many of the industry leaders such as Korry Electronics, Astronics, Zodiac Aerospace, and BE Aerospace. This experience allows us to provide machined parts with consistent quality and cosmetic standards that customers have come to expect for these types of parts. We have made thousands of parts in the following categories:

Panels, Displays and other Cockpit components

  • Front Panels
  • Display Bezels
  • Display Tubs / Reflector Plates for AMLCD displays
  • Illumination Panels
  • Edge Lit panels
  • Keypads
  • Frames
  • Face Plates
  • Housings for Integrated Up Front Control Panels (IUFCP)

Some of our customers for these types of products are Smiths, Boeing, Honeywell, Gulfstream, Raytheon, Northrop, Lockheed Martin and many others. One thing in common between them is the requirement for perfection. Trulife has been providing this level of quality to our customers for years. We know what your customer wants and we know how to achieve it in a cost-effective manner. We have worked in the aerospace market to define workmanship standards for these types of CNC machined aerospace parts that will meet the requirements of the end user. Because your customer may expect a higher level of quality than what their print actually calls for, it may take our experience to deliver the level of quality that they expect. And they need it both in the physical part, and in the paperwork to get it approved. It is this experience that Trulife brings to the table.
CNC machined cockpit panel machined aluminum and ultem panelsCNC machined cockpit chassis

Cabin Interior Components

Aircraft cabin interior components have their own unique set of requirements that require an experienced manufacturer to execute well. Trulife has been applying high quality CNC machining practices to execute these types of parts well. Cosmetic requirements are very high on some parts that are visible to the end user. For other types of parts that are not visible when installed a good basic workmanship standard may be all that is required. We have made thousands of parts from the following part families:

  • First class food tray table assemblies
  • Galley frame components
  • Galley work tables
  • Cabinet latches
  • Storage bin frames
  • In-Flight video systems

We understand well the types of documentation requirements that are frequently needed for these types of parts and assemblies. Our proprietary shop management software can format your First Article based on any standard you require. We routinely provide paperwork that is compliant with AS9102 requirements to make it easy for our customers. If you need two copies of all paperwork…a special FAI format…fully documented in-process QA data…or whatever custom requirements you can think of, we can format our system so you get the right documentation 100% of the time.
CNC assembly of pop-up food tray complex machined assembly for food tableCNC machined video arm

"On-Time Quality Parts..."

On-Time Quality Parts...

“Trulife has been a pleasure to work with. They are responsive and eager to take on new challenges, meeting sometimes unrealistic lead times and requirements; supplying on-time quality parts.” J.C., Senior Buyer Esterline Control Systems

Great Communication...

"Thank you very much for all your efforts and great communication! You are doing a great job! Thanks again!" M.R. General Dynamics

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Proven Quality

Our AS9100 Certified quality management system will ensure your parts are perfect every time - guaranteed.

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