Commercial/Industrial Products

Commercial/Industrial Machined parts and Assemblies

While quality and service are very important to customers in these industries, price is critical because of the traditionally slim margins. Only through innovative fixturing and machining techniques can quality be ensured while keeping prices low. We excel at looking at a part or a process from a different perspective and driving our costs lower than we ever thought possible. We believe that passing on the savings to our customers is a win-win situation. We routinely offer unsolicited price reductions to our customer when we figure out how to machine a part for less. They learn to trust that we aren’t trying to squeeze every dime out of them, and in turn increase the volume of machining work we do for them. Documentation requirements aren’t as comprehensive as in the medical and aerospace industries and customers don’t want to pay for the overhead associated with such paperwork. With our proprietary shop management software we specify exactly what paperwork items are not required, and keep costs low by providing only what documentation is needed and nothing more. These will subsequently always be provided with every delivery without any additional labor required. Aside from highly competitive pricing, on time delivery is key for our customers so their production keeps running smoothly. Our real-time scheduling ensures that we don’t overbook our shop and our on-time performance proves it. We have provided thousands of low cost on-time parts to the following industries:

  • Pressure housings for deep sea ultrasound imaging devices
  • Components for coins sorting machines
  • Hydraulic equipment for the construction industry
  • Fish marking and inoculating industries
  • Compression molds for sports equipment
  • Pump housings for fluid handling equipment
  • Automotive repair tools

CNC machined fuel rail complex machined assemblyCNC machined flange

"They Deliver on their Commitments..."

A Partner Watching Out for Me...

“I appreciate the honesty, integrity, and reliability of the staff at Trulife. Working with Trulife is like having a partner watching out for me. If they see something that doesn't make sense or that looks like a mistake, they call me and ask about it. They don't guess, and that means I won't be surprised when the parts are delivered. They always deliver on their commitments, and that makes it easier for me to deliver on mine.” - D.B., Senior Engineer, Carbon Design

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Proven Quality

Our ISO 9001 Certified quality management system will ensure your parts are perfect every time - guaranteed.

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