Medical Device Components

Trulife Engineered Solutions is a part of Trulife Inc, a world leader in manufacturing medical devices, and provides machining and assembly services to many leaders in the medical industry. With our 100% paperless quality management system, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, CE Marking/MDD certifications, we are able to provide these customers with a combination of unparalleled quality and service at a competitive price. You can be sure that our services will help you lower the cost of doing business and make purchasing machined parts and assemblies easier. Whether you are an OEM or a contract manufacturer providing your customer with finished assemblies, you can be sure that we have seen your type of parts before and have the diversity of experience to make them right the first time. If you prefer to purchase components complete with all the finishing processes done, then we can have your sample's color and texture matched to provide our parts with identical plating and paint. Our comprehensive cosmetic workmanship standards will ensure that proper machining, handling, and packaging will result in consistently cosmetic parts that meet your standards.

Trulife Engineered Solutions has been making CNC machined medical components for years. We are familiar with the requirements for material certifications, cleanliness, finishing requirements and tolerances. Our multi-axis CNC machines make quick work of these types of parts.

"Best Performing Supplier..."

"Sonosite has trusted Trulife to deliver mechanical assemblies, machined parts and prototypes to support our production requirements for years. They have performed very well and are one of our best performing suppliers for quality and delivery. We wholeheartedly recommend their services."

-M.D., Senior Buyer, Sonosite

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High Tech Management

All medical machine parts and assemblies are 100% managed in our proprietary web based ERP system. Every item in every assembly is traceable back to it's source of origin. Material, plating, dimensional inspection reports are all just a few clicks away. You can be assured that any audits of our records will be the easiest you have ever experienced. Many of our customers have taken to not receiving all the paperwork associated with deliveries. They know that in just a few minutes time we can provide all the information they may ever need, even years later. It saves them an immense amount of time and cost when receiving our products and makes working with Trulife even more valuable to their enterprise. Click here to contact us and see for yourself how our technology can make your job easier and reduce your cost of doing business.
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