Facilities and Equipment

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Machining and Assembly

Valve Assembly

This stainless steel valve assembly for an aerospace application has many precision components.


This steel coupler has only two small connection points to each end. This is a good example of a part that can be made complete on one of our mill/turn lathes.

Structural Aerospace Housing

A structural 5 axis aerospace part. The hole pattern on the top edge is normal to the surface which has a complex curvature to it.


This large display housing incorporates lots of heat sink fins, threaded inserts and chem film plating per MIL-C-5541.

Machined Medical Housing

Machined housing for a medical centrifuge. All machining marks removed from exterior and anodized black.

Painted Panel

A small painted panel requiring intricate masking for the paint, as well as RoHS compliant chem film plating.

Small Widgets

Small CNC machined parts with lots of tiny details requiring small endmills and high tolerances.

Prototype Assembly Jig

Pro CNC machined, plated, and did all assembly of this assembly jig. 20 sets were made and delivered in just over 1 week.

Vertebrae Mold

This very complicated vertebrae mold was made in 7 pieces with extremely tight tolerances on all components.

Painted Housing

Housing for medical device application. Two piece assembly with chem film plating and paint. High cosmetic requirements.

In-Flight VIdeo Arm

Highly cosmetic components are part of an in-flight pop-up video system.

Machined ATV Upright

Machined from 6061. Machining from multiple sides and requiring stitching of organic shapes.

Complex Cockpit Chassis

Large cockpit chassis with hundreds of features. Many very small cutting tools needed. Features from all 6 sides.

Cockpit Panel

High tolerance machined features. Chem film and two types of paint on highly cosmetic part.

Machined Bulkhead

CNC milled and turned bulkhead for commercial application. Masking in anodize finish for electrical contacts.

Fuel Rail

Machined prototype fuel rail for snowmobile. Multiple angle and deep hole drilling.

Complex Cockpit Chassis

Large cockpit chassis with hundreds of features. Aluminum with chem film plating. Drafted surfaces require stitching.

Aerospace Latch

17-4 stainless steel housing. Requiring T-Slot tools for undercut features. Bead blasted finish.

Painted Panel

Machined panel with chem film and paint. High cosmetic requirements.

Titianium Medical Handpiece

Grooves and arrows milled with live tooling on 6 axis turning center.

Complex Mill-Turn Part

Machined complete on our 6 axis mill-turn Mori Seiki.


Stainless Steel manifold for commercial application.


Multi-Axis complex flange part for marine industry. Hard anodized.


Complex clipper assembly with very high tolerances.

Spherical Camera

3 piece assembly spherical camera. Painted black. Very high positional tolerance.


Very tricky part (notice square inside corners - no EDM). Anodizing, chem film and paint all on the same part. Assembly of hardware too.

Complex Mechanical Assembly

Assembly has a BOM with over 100 items and very high cosmetic requirements on many components.

Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical assembly. Include machined parts, sheetmetal, custom springs, molded plastic and hardware all managed by Pro CNC.

Titanium Medical Bulkhead

Multi-Axis titanium part used in eye surgery. Gundrilling required down center of part.

Structural Aerospace

Structural yet cosmetic aerospace part. Final part was plated and painted to match interior finishes.

Aerospace Food Tray

A complex business class pop-up food tray assembly. Highly cosmetic. Used on A380.


Aerospace cockpit panels, machined from aluminum and Ultem.

Arm Assembly

Kinematic arm assembly with riveting, hard anodizing and high tolerances.


Stainless steel impeller for a defense application. Multi-axis machining.

Electromechanical assembly

Complex electromechanical assembly with high tolerance fits.

Machined plastic housing

Prototype throttle housing with complex surfaced organic shape. Black acetal.

Large Heatsink

Machined heatsink with hardware and chem film plating.


Complex, multi-axis part.

Hardware installed

Multiple Keenserts in this electronics component.

Military Enclosure

Very heavy duty electronics enclosure. Hard anodizing with selective areas chem film plated for electrical conductivity.
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