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Trulife Engineered Solutions Design Guide

Trulife Engineered Solutions has created a design guide which is a compilation of several of our past newsletters along with additional information to help engineers make smart choices when designing their CNC machined parts.  You can find the latest copy of the design guide here:

Trulife Engineering Design Guide >>

Raw Material Size Chart >>

This chart lists some of the most common sizes of material that are available in aluminum, stainless steels, brass and others.  Round bar, square bar, rectangular bar and plate are all covered.  By designing your parts to fit within the sizes shown here, you can save on the raw material costs for your CNC machined parts.

Pro Tips eNewsletter

One of our best engineering resources - our Pro Tips eNewsletter provides monthly design for manufacturability (DFM) advice. This real-world practical advice has been incorporated into our customer's designs, resulting in savings of thousands of dollars.

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Example image of CNC machined part with equal floor and wall radii

Useful Links

EMJ Metals, a supplier to Trulife Engineered Solutions has a few nice tools on their site. Below are links to some of these great resources:

Material Overview Table >> - shows material properties and sizes in an easy to use format with PDFs for many various types of metals.

Stock List >> - listing of material sizes available in different forms. If it isn't on this list, it probably doesn't exist and you shouldn't design around it. >> - Good all around engineering resources and information. >> - Free list of nearly all MIL and commercial specifications, standards, documents and publications ever written. All for FREE! >> - The ubiquitous with lots of detailed information about materials.

Surface Roughness Chart >> - Good summary chart of surface roughness by manufacturing process
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