Services Provided by Trulife Engineered Solutions

Trulife Engineered Solutions is an ISO 9001, AS9100 certified, and ITAR registered full service provider of engineering services, contract assembly and vertically integrated CNC machine shop, specializing in:

Production CNC MachiningPrototype CNC MachiningComposites ManufacturingContract Assembly ServicesEngineering Services

CNC Machining

cnc machining production machining

Production Machining

Trulife Engineered Solutions' machining department has 50 CNC machines running on 3 shifts. Our significant capacity allows us to take on the largest projects with ease.

Our 3 spindle - 24 pallet horizontal cell system is a state-of-the-art flexible manufacturing cell. With the ability to run "lights out" for hours on end and machine small batches of parts with little or no set-up time, or high volumes of production parts we can deliver to our customers demands.

We work aggressively to minimize cycle time and lower prices. Through advanced G Code optimization, macro programming and high speed machining techniques, Trulife will machine your parts faster while maintaining the highest quality with our ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev C certified Quality Management System.

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Prototype Machining

Trulife consistently delivers top-quality CNC machined prototypes rapidly and on-time with our large dedicated prototype CNC division. Our state-of-the-art equipment with machine travels up to 120" and skilled prototype programmers and machinists quickly turn around the most difficult CNC milled and CNC turned parts. We can often provide very quick turnaround prototype parts in a matter of a few days. We can take your prototyping needs from concept to fruition in virtually any material. Our prototype machinists have over 25 years experience on average - nobody is better or faster.

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Trulife Engineered Solutions consistently delivers top-quality composites parts rapidly and on-time with our dedicated composites division. Our state-of-the-art equipment with automated shears, multiple heated presses, autoclaves up up to 72" in length and skilled engineers and technicians quickly turn around complex composites parts. Our technicians have decades of experience - nobody is better or faster.

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ASC Autoclave

Contract Assembly

Trulife Engineered Solutions is equipped with the knowledge, people and equipment to do assembly work ranging from simple hardware installation to turn-key management of complex assemblies with multi level BOMs and hundreds of parts. Our custom made assembly lines use lean concepts to the extreme including one-piece flow, visual inventory, point of use tools, two bin systems, quick changeover, mistake-proofing techniques and visual work instructions.

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Engineering Services

Trulife Engineered Solutions has a staff of very experienced and talented design engineers and manufacturing engineers. Our engineers have been "in the trenches" designing and manufacturing complex mechanical parts and assemblies for years. We often come up with better solutions than our customers. Designs that work better, and are less expensive to make and service. If you believe that your product could benefit from a review from our engineers, give us a call to discuss the application. We guarantee that the ROI on our engineering services will be significant. There isn't a reason for us to get involved unless we can offer significant improvements over your current design.

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