Contract Assembly

Pro CNC can Build and Manage your Complex Assemblies…

Contract Assembly examples

Pro CNC is equipped with the experience, people and equipment to do assembly work ranging from simple hardware installation to turn-key management of complex mechanical assemblies with multi-level BOMs and hundreds of parts. Our custom made assembly lines use lean concepts to the extreme including one-piece flow, visual inventory, point of use tools, two bin systems, quick changeover, mistake-proofing techniques and visual work instructions.

With experienced buyers, project managers, quality personnel and assemblers we can coordinate a full supply chain efficiently and with less cost than most contract manufacturers. And with our ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev C certified quality management system our quality is always guaranteed. Because the assembled components are often mating with CNC machined parts that we manufacture, we have better control of part fit and assembly function. We can easily use our extensive manufacturing resources to correct design errors and keep the product flowing smoothly rather than waiting for an outside manufacturer to replace faulty product.

Best Performing Supplier...

"Sonosite has trusted Pro CNC to deliver mechanical assemblies, machined parts and prototypes to support our production requirements for years. They have performed very well and are one of our best performing suppliers for quality and delivery. We wholeheartedly recommend their services."

-M.D., Senior Buyer, Sonosite

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High Tech Management

All assemblies are 100% managed in our proprietary web based ERP system. Every item in every assembly is traceable back to it's source of origin. Material, plating, dimensional inspection reports are all just a few clicks away. You can be assured that any audits of our records will be the easiest you have ever experienced. Many of our customers have taken to not receiving all the paperwork associated with deliveries. They know that in just a few minutes time we can provide all the information they may ever need, even years later. It saves them an immense amount of time and cost when receiving our products and makes working with Pro CNC even more valuable to their enterprise. Click here to talk with us and see for yourself how our technology can make your job easier and reduce your cost of doing business.
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