Composites Manufacturing

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing
With our highly experienced staff of design engineers and technicians, we can design and build your composites components and assemblies. Trulife Engineered Solutions’ composites department makes highly critical and specialized carbon composite structures. Using state-of-the-art autoclaves, heated presses and CNC machining, we design and create composite structures for our customer’s application or build to existing customer specifications. We are proficient with structures of up to 100 layers, including Teflon layers for engineered-in flex.
ASC Autoclave

"Outstanding Performer…"

"Thank you and members of your team at Trulife who supported our...extraordinarily "short fuse" program. Rapid delivery of a wide variety of perfectly manufactured components was necessary to meet the aggressive end item delivery date demanded by our customer. In response to this challenge, Trulife delivered as promised which enabled GD to complete assembly and promised. The preparation and excellent support provided by your company on this fast-paced program is a perfect example of what we mean by "outstanding performers"."

- M.S., General Manager, General Dynamics, OTS

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Your Partner

With experienced engineers, planners and technicians looking carefully over every job, we are constantly reviewing for mistakes, inconsistencies or oversights that our customers might have made. We will always call you if we feel something is in error. We have averted countless problems before they became expensive with our careful approach. Other companies do not give you this level of personal attention to ensure that you get the parts that you really want, the first time, every time.

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