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Whether you are an entrepreneur with a revolutionary concept or a Fortune 500 company managing a team of 100 engineers, Trulife Engineered Solutions' innovation can make your product a success. Trulife has a staff of very experienced and talented design engineers and manufacturing engineers. We use both Pro/ENGINEER and CATIA for mechanical design engineering. Our engineers have been "in the trenches" designing and manufacturing complex mechanical parts and assemblies for years. We often come up with better solutions than our customers. Designs that work better, and are less expensive to make and service. If you believe that your product could benefit from a review from our engineers, give us a call to discuss the application. We guarantee the ROI on our engineering services will be significant. There isn't a reason for us to get involved unless we can offer significant improvements over your current design.

Improve Component Designs...

"Trulife has been a key partner for years. For the past two years we have been utilizing Trulife's engineering capabilities to augment our own. The quality of their engineering has been excellent and their insight on design-for-manufacturability has helped reduce cost and improve the quality of our products. Specifically Trulife's engineering services have resulted in reduced part count, increased part commonality, improved manufacturability and consequently a reduction in post release issues."

- S.C. Engineering Manager, Bucher Aerospace

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Design for Manufacturing

Customers gain “Value through Innovation” with our complimentary engineering consultation:

  • Shorter product development cycle
  • Unit Price reduction
  • Shortened lead time
  • Improved product performance
  • Simplified manufacturability
  • Repeatable quality
  • Strengthened market viability

If you have a part or assembly you would like us to review for you, please send us an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Just let us know if there is any specific advice you are looking for and we will contact you quickly with and changes we would recommend to reduce the cost of manufacturing your part.

If you are looking for comprehensive DFM services, we offer that too. We also can improve your design to weigh less, work better and be easier to work on. We will assign a dedicated engineer or team of engineers for your project who will provide significant improvements to your product. Recently we were hired to improve a pop-up video system for an aircraft seat. We were able to reduce the overall cost of the assembly by over 20%, reduced the weight of the system by over 50% and improve the function and serviceability at the same time. Only engineers with experience like ours can offer those types of improvements.

ProTips eNewsletter

Our Pro Tips eNewsletter provides monthy design for manufacturability (DFM) advice. This real-world practical advice has been incorporated into our customer's designs, resulting in savings of thousands of dollars. They offer great tips and suggestions for reducing the cost of your machined components.

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We also offer on-site DFM Bootcamps for our clients. These hands on workshops provide immediate impact and significant ROI to the design activity. Contact us if you are interested in a DFM Bootcamp, or see more information HERE >>.
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