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Mori Seiki Duracenter 5  (5)
Vertical machining centers with 30″x20″x18″ travel. They have 12,000 RPM direct drive spindles which can accelerate from 0-12,000 RPM in only 1.1 sec. Offering a 3.5 second chip to chip time, these machines maximize in-the-cut time. While cutting, they can maintain extremely tight tolerances at the fastest feed rates with the HPCC-Nano MAPPS II control which is Mori’s most advanced. When it comes to providing ultra precision and high-speed machining, few CNC’s can outperform these amazing machines.

Haas GR-510 (1)
A large format gantry style CNC with 121″ x 61″ x 11″ travel. It has 10,000 RPM and 10 tools. It allows us to machine very large parts up to 10′ by 5′ in size.

HAAS VF-7/40  (1)
A vertical machining center with 84”x32”x30” travel. It has a 15,000 RPM spindle with a 20 horsepower motor. The 40 tool side-mount changer gives programmers tool diversity options and minimum chip-to-chip time. The Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS) will reduce setup time and 16MB of memory provides plenty of storage for surfacing operations.

Fanuc – Robodrill T21iE (1)
A vertical machining center with 20”x16”x13” travel. It has 24,000 RPM and 21 tools. With a 1.8 second chip to chip time and programmable feedrates of 1200 IPM, this is the fastest machine we own. It has the most advanced control offered by Fanuc for ultra precision and high speed machining. It is designed for lighter cuts in soft materials like aluminum and plastic.

Shizuoka SV-4024 (1)
A vertical machining center with 40″x24″x18″ travel. Featuring a 12,000 RPM spindle and 25 HP this machine can remove a lot of material in a hurry. It is driven by a Fanuc 18i-M control with HPCC for extremely high precision. It is outfitted with a Blum laser system for tool touch-off, wear compensation and breakage detection. These features make the machine perfect for large molds which is one of its primary functions. Aside from molds, this is a very fast machine for production with rapid and cutting feed rates of 1600 IPM and 640 IPM respectively. The external oil chiller maintains spindle temperature for accuracy hour after hour.

Mitsubishi M-V5Cn (2)
Vertical machining centers with 40″x20″x18″ travel. They have 12,000 RPM spindles and 15 HP for serious metal removal. The spindle motor and spindle are integral and oil cooled for maintaining high accuracy under long operating hours. They feature an arm-style tool changer and have 1.5 second tool change times. With rapid feed rates of 1200 IPM and a high speed machining package they are capable of very fast production.

Haas VF-3BSS (1)
A vertical machining center with 40″ x 20″ x 25″ travels. 12,000 RPM and 4th axis indexer.

Haas VF-3B
A vertical machining center with 40″ x 20″ x 25″ travels. All have either 10,000 RPM and 4th axis

A vertical machining center with 30”x16”x20” travel. It has a 10,000 RPM spindle with a 20 horsepower motor and 4th axis indexer.

A-Trump B5-FC
A vertical bed-mill type matching center with 34″x16″ travel. With 5,100 RPM spindle, PC based control and full 4th axis capability. It is also a great machine for adding secondary operations to a part that is being made with a lean “flow” type of process.