Success Stories

Trulife Engineered Solutions has helped many companies over the last several years.  Sometimes the help is just being a solid performing machining and assembly supplier year in and year out, with great quality, on-time delivery and top notch engineering support.  But sometimes the help goes well beyond just being a great supplier and goes into really helping clients out of a jam or performing well above their expectations.  We have many stories of these instances but here are just a few of the more notable examples.

17,000 Parts in Record Time

Trulife Engineered Solutions delivers an entire ship-set of business class food tray tables in record time.

Complex parts needed last minute!

Our customer was just finishing up a new design about a week before an important industry trade show. They needed a complex assembly of parts to display at the show. Trulife Engineered Solutions came through for them.

Machined Parts Fast!

Microvision had a very aggressive schedule for a large project. Trulife Engineered Solutions came through and delivered three complex parts ahead of schedule.

Aircraft Manufacturing Tool - Design and Manufacturing

Trulife Engineered Solutions delivers comprehensive tooling solution for aircraft wing construction.
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