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Support Equipment

Objet 24 3D Printer
An extremely high resolution with 28 micron (.0011″) layer thickness and an envelope of about 9.25″ x 7.5″ x 6″. It prints using VeroWhite Plus Opaque material which is a white ABS like material

Soco MC-360 NFA-DR
A NC controlled auto feeding high speed saw for non-ferrous metals. It is capable of auto feeding to an accuracy of +/- .002

Trimos Tool Presetter
Allows us to preset all CNC tooling to speed setup and increase efficiency

Manual Equipment
Including: 7 knee mills, 5 lathes, 1 horizontal mill, multiple drilling and tapping machines, forming machine, multiple surface grinders, sanders, drill presses, non-ferrous metal cutting chop saws, hydraulic presses

(2)300 amp TIG welders, (2) 250 amp MIG welder, Spot welder

Fabrication Equipment
Including: Surface grinders, sanders, drill presses (4x), vertical and horizontal bandsaws (4x), hydraulic presses (2x), vibratory tumblers (4x)

Assembly Equipment
Including: Electric and pneumatic Helicoil drivers, arbor presses, pneumatic stamping machines, arm style tapping head, assembly benches, and a full array of assembly hand tools and equipment

Paint Booths
Up to 10′ x 10′. Warming Oven for paint cure

Multiple horizontal band saws up to 18″, multiple vertical band saws up to 12″